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How it works.

We speak with you about your current ordering methods, the type of products you sell and the information you'd like to collect from your customers at the time of ordering.

We setup an online shop with your products including fields to collect the data you need from your customers when they purchase.

You get a link to your new Cheetah Checkout shop that you can share and begin taking orders.

Order Notification
4Order Notification
When a customer places an order, your phone or iPad dings letting you know you've recieved money and gives you the transaction information.

Order Fulfillment
5Order Fulfillment
Prepare your customer's order for pickup or have it delivered on the date they've selected.


Lets Talk.

Ryan Lindner

We're excited to work with you to increase your online sales. The first step is to get to know you and your company better. Send us an email to start the conversation! Cheetah Checkout